what to expect seniors


So, now you’ve booked you session. Now WHAT?

You’ve searched Pinterest and created boards of dreamy sessions. Now your brain is going in a million directions…

What do I wear? I have nothing to wear!

How do I do my hair? What about makeup?

I really have to choose a location!?

I have no idea what to bring!

Wait I’ve never done pictures. I’m not even photogenic!

What happens after my session?

Let me help you!

Welcome and thank you for choosing little ol’ me to be a part of this special time in your life.

Portraits – I am willing to bet you don’t have much experience doing them other than selfies and snap chat. And that’s totally okay! Now is the time to celebrate not only coming to a beautiful end but a new beginning. To celebrate what makes you, you.

Now is the time where the questions start coming and the nerves set in. I want you and your family to know not only what to expect, but to feel like family/friends when we get to hang out for your session!

You’ve booked your session, next we choose a date. You finish your junior year, and anytime from that summer to spring before you graduate works. A few things to think about would be yearbook deadlines, when you would like to send out your graduation announcements, your favorite season, or having your heart set on a location that may not work because of different seasons. Sessions are most often held within 1-1.5 hours before sunset.

Sometimes your entire family comes. Maybe it’s just you and your mom/dad, or your brother/sister or best friend. Maybe it’s just you. I encourage anyone who comes to be prepared to participate in at least one picture. Cherish this moment, and step in the frame.

I suggest to bring 5-6 outfits for your session. All outfits may not be used, but it’s better to be over prepared than wish you would have brought that one “perfect” thing. Keep in mind that outfits can get wet depending on location, or just may not be your current vibe. Accessories are always okay! Necklaces, stackable bracelets, shoes, sport related items such as jackets/t-shirts or equipment, instruments, and your favorite quilt. Even pets are welcome! Your session is about making you shine and show the world what makes you, you!

So let’s talk about what happens when we arrive to your session. We chat a few minutes, and lug all your stuff to our location, turn up your favorite flavor of tunage and get started. You’ll be nervous. I do this all the time, and I get a little nervous every time. We shake off our nerves together, and I have a few tricks up my sleeve that breaks the ice and we go from there. I play off how you’re feeling, and if you’re not feeling “it” we move on! We change it up… Spin around three time, close your eyes and open with the dorkiest funny face you can think of, and I guarantee you will laugh. You will laugh so hard at yourself that it will make you laugh even harder.

If you choose one location, we will move around, and make the most of that place. Different angles will add diversity to your images. Keep in mind that you can choose more than one location.

What to Wear

+ I have nothing to wear, I can guarantee its crossed your mind. Your first thought is, “Ah I need to go shopping!” Just listen for a second. Even day you wear your style. That summer dress you have added tights and a chunky cardi to. Or that worn out flannel you wear over your crop top and favorite shorts. Maybe you live in flip flops or Toms. Everyone you know is fully aware of your addiction to jeans and t’s. This is you. And I can guarantee you have some of your favorites in your closet. Sure its fun to get that long flowy dress you’ve seen on Instagram or that store front window screaming your name for days now.

+ I always suggest to bring 5-6 outfits whether you think you will wear them all or now. Bring a variety! Shorts and your favorite off the shoulder top or t-shirt. Those jeans you live in with an adorable top plus a cardi you can layer up for two separate looks. A summer dress and a sun hat with your favorite necklace and bracelet with no shoes.

+ You’ve seen all your friends sessions, or the senior sessions online. Don’t get caught up in copying their style. It will show in your images if you are not comfortable in the clothes you choose to bring! Don’t wear your prom dress if you live in jeans and t-shirts. Maybe all your favorite outfit needs in some eyeliner and some soft curls in your hair!

+ I have included some of my favorite little shops. Mostly are online, but one is local if that is more your thing. Also, no question is too small. If you are stuck on choosing outfits, ask! I can send you links, go shopping together, or send you more images with what others chose to wear for inspiration.

++++ Some of my FAVORITE little shops ++++

+ Ambiance of Placerville – Local to downtown Placerville and has a little of everything
+ Bayabelle Boutique – Local to Lincoln and has tons of adorable tops and shoes
+ Shop Dress up – Online with Chunky sweaters and Summer dresses
+ Olive Ave – Online with adorable modest clothing of all kinds

+When choosing an outfit, I love mixing and matching. Choose a bold dress pattern and go barefoot in the water. Choose a patterned off the shoulder top with a soft neutral cardigan and ripped jeans. Take a deep breath and I promise it will all come together even when it seems overwhelming.

Hair, Makeup & Nails

Treat yo-self as I like to call it. This time we will share together is not only for pictures, but it’s an experience. Hair and Makeup will be an important part of how your images come out. This will boost your confidence and how it makes you feel will show on your face.

Hair and Makeup

Just like any special occation, dont try something your not familiar with the day of your portraits. Also along those lines, dont go full out prom hair if that is not you. If you only wear your hair straight, maybe some soft curls or a suttle side braid would just make your images pop.

When choosing your makeup, I would recomend going a little more bold than normal. Add a little eyeliner, or a little more bronzer or blush. Go one shade darker on the eye shaddow, and dont forget about those lips. Even if you are only a chap stick kind of girl, a soft colored gloss goes a long way.

Professional Hair and Makeup

This is not a required step.

Going and getting your hair and makeup done is a super fun extra where you can sit back and relax before your session. Where ever you choose to go, I can give you a “to be done by” time and they will know when to make your appointment. ++Warning, these appointments do fill up quickly, so as soon as you book your Portrait Session, book your hair appointment, and together we can all make something work!++

For Senior Sessions done in the Placerville area, I LOVE Bombshell Hair and Makeup Lounge. Any of the stylists in there do a fabulous job!

Bombshell Hair and Makeup Lounge
1234 Braodway
Placerville, CA 95667
(530) 748-3338

When going to your hair/makeup appointment , take a few screen shots of what your going for and that will help everyone be on the same page and make your appointment go quicker.

If you are unsure of what you are wanting, they are amazing at coming up with hair and make up that fits you!

Your hands will most definitely show in your images. Make sure to remove any old nail polish. The night before your session or the morning of, invite a friend over or have a nail party with your mom or sister. Paint each others nails, apply lots of lotion and binge watch your favorite show together.

I love more neutral colors, they could be soft or dark. Mauve, any shade of grey or a muted color. But if your a lover of bright red or aqua, go for it. I do think that the more the neutral color, it doesn’t take away from your face or your outfit.


+ So now it’s time to talk Location. Within one hour of Folsom, there is magical beauty around us. There is more to choosing a location than just picking a pretty place. It goes back to You being YOU!

+What kind of activities do you enjoy? Do you enjoy camping? Do you enjoy golden rolling hills lined with oak trees? Is your happy place the river, lake or ocean? On the weekends do you and your family like to travel backroads that lead to the  mountains?

+ I have several Locations that are my favorite for different reasons.

+ Hope Valley
+ Negro Bar
+ Cronan Ranch
+ Apple Hill
+ Sly Park
+ Icehouse Reservoir
+ Echo Lake
+ Folsom Lake or Marina

+Each location is not for everyone, but there is one just for you!

What to Bring

As long as I can remember, I have always been told “do you realize we are only going for the weekend, not 6 weeks?” Over packing is always a better idea! I dont have a long list, besides the clothes, but I have put together a few things that are helpful!

+Chapstick or lip stick. Lucious lips, yes even for guys, is a wonderful thing.
+Bobbie pins. You seriously never know when you may need one.
+Your favorite playlist, I bring my bluetooth speaker and it helps break the ice.
+A towel. More than likely there will be some dirty factor to your session.
+Sports items. Musical instraments. Favorite quilt or blanket.
+Water/Snack. Sessions can be very active.

After your Session

You planned, you went and we had a blast, now your bursting at the seams to see how they turned out!

Session edits will take 3 weeks. Once I have made it to your session to edit, I will start posting sneak peaks on social media and have your gallery ready for you to view within one weeks time.

During this time, questions are always welcomes. I know this part is very difficult. If there is something that comes up that you need some of your images for something, I try my best to accommodate all requests.


Every session comes with a gallery. This will come via email, or a link will given to you on a different platform if you have requested. Each gallery you can view, share and download your images. You will also receive a download code. The link and code can be given out as you choose.

With the link to your images, you will also have the choice to purchase images within that site. All prints purchased within that link can take up to 2 weeks to get to you.

++Announcements and Thank you Cards++

If you need assistance with either of these, I would love to help.

++Print your IMAGES!!!++

Print! Print! Print! Did I mention you should print your images?
This step is so important. Upon request I have links for you to my favorite print shops, sizes and extra fun products!