Summer Session with Vanessa Wagener

Capturing Images for others is what I do. Honestly I think it comes from my inward dislike of being in front of the camera. I can see absolute beauty in the people around me. The love you have for your children, the connection you have with your spouse. Its something I work on diligently, to see in myself.

Once a year, I set a date and force my people to participate. Maybe that is really subtle reminder to myself to, but we do it! We have done Family pictures every year since our oldest was born.

This particular year’s family session just happened to be on Levi’s birthday. We packed the car with probably enough clothes for a week, junk food snacks and headed up the hill towards South Lake. It was the best gift to him.
He got to run free, climb trees and rocks, sling sticks and just be outside. I always say that he would never come in if we had one of those heated dog houses.

One reason this spot was so special to me, was it was so similar to our SLT wedding location and the images just captured our current season in life perfectly.